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Best Health Option Acupuncture & Wellness

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Why Choose Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been part of a traditional healing medicine for centuries. Classical adjuncts of acupuncture have been used all over the globe in various forms. Looking into your own history of home remedies, you may remember a form of cupping or massage used to relieve discomfort, weaken a cold coming on or stomach upset. The use of herbs & medicinals have a history as well.   Acupuncture, its adjuncts, herbs & supplements are a wholistic management of conditions that need to be addressed-not just symptom by symptom. Used in conjunction with allopathic care, chiropractic care, physical therapy, mental health therapy-acupuncture supports & extends the benefits of allopathic treatment as well as changing the way your body self corrects, balances & heals. Traditional Asian Medicine is about balance & harmony. Healing the body/mind/spirit with an individualized plan of care & patient specific treatments. 

Best Health Option creates an environment that can inhabit both Eastern & Western theory while optimizing that balance & healing

Best Health Option Acupuncture & Wellness

Providing individualized treatments & plan of care. Creating an environment of communication, trust & choices for you to continue the healing in your space & everyday life. BHO is the catalyst

Pain Management

Musculoskeletal Support

Digestive Support

​Autoimmune Support

Stress & Trauma Management

Addiction Management

Mental Wellness Support

Male Reproductive/Prostate Support

Female reproductive/Hormone Support

Fertility Support & Management

Our Services


The use of filiform needles to waken & support the body's healing process. Differential Diagnosis identified from medical history & questions related to TCM. Individualized plan of care with use of accessory techniques to promote the best healing environment

Initial Session $120

Repeat Session $75

Combination Sessions available

Packages Available

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Chinese bodywork or Tui Na is a diagnostic & therapeutic style of massage. May be combined with accessory techniques to manipulate the muscle for release, healing & maximum range of use

30" Session $40

30" Session with cupping/guasha $50

60" Session $70  

Combination Sessions available

Packages available

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Laser Phototherapy

A super pulse cold laser heals on the cellular level. More adaptive than a single waveform laser, the super pulsed laser makes it easier for the body to continuously respond to the stimulus of healing. Specialty lenses can be attached for use in lieu of acupuncture, but often used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments

Initial Session $140

Repeat Session $95

Acupuncture & Laser $95

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Accessory Techniques- can be added to any service or scheduled ala carte. 



Gua Sha

Kinesio Taping


Aroma Acupoint Therapy

Feel Your Best. Live Your Best

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

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W177N9886 Rivercrest Dr

Suite 106

Germantown Wi 53022


[email protected]



Monday-Wednesday 11-8pm

last appointment 7pm

Thursday-Friday appt only 

Saturday 10-2pm 

last appointment 1pm


2022  BHO will be closed April 25-30/ the weekend before Thanksgiving Nov 17-20/ Black Friday Nov 25/ Christmas through New Years Day Dec 22-Jan 1 2023

 For Closings due to inclement weather look to our Facebook page