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Wellness is such an important part of  our daily self care. Best Health Option Acupuncture & Wellness understands that mind, energy & spirit health is just as important as physical health. You can't have one without the other: BHO is supportive to all areas so that your self care is well rounded, individualized & holistic. We are more than needles as you are more than a symptom or illness

Why try Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been utilized in some form for thousands of years, forged in myth & legend as well as science. While Best Health Option honors the past & classical texts there is also progression & integration of techniques, adjuncts & ideas that adapts this medical art to the modern century.  


Eastern pattern /Western symptom identification  form a diagnostic approach that offers a unique treatment for your healing needs


More than a 5 minute how do you do, BHO is ready to listen, find the problem & treat accordingly. You are heard


BHO meets you where you are & encourages participation in your own care. You know your body better than anyone


Acupuncture is one aspect to healing, adjunct therapies are an important part of  treatment efficacy

Cutting Edge

BHO seeks out education that can be integrated into the therapies as well as other energetic works that may be helpful in your healing process

Plan of Care

An individual plan of care is constructed for your needs, incorporating exercise & nutrition, discussion of supplements & formulas. You are a critical part of this process as direction of treatment is your choice


Quality of life is different for everyone. Here at Best Health Option, you have a choice & we respect what quality means to you & do our best to get meet your goals


The methods may seem unconventional but compliment Western medicine. BHO is always willing to converse with your physician, educate about treatments & formulas. The style is certainly different but the goal for your health & well being is the same in each setting



TuiNa is a form of Asian bodywork that has been a part of  Traditional Medicine for 5,000 years. A diagnostic & therapeutic service, may be used with acupuncture moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, laser & oils

30 minute session $40
60 minute session $70
Acupuncture & 30 minute session $115
additional adjunct to session $10

*packages available, single or combination services


 Healing the body through the art of pattern diagnosis  & needle placement

Initial session includes 
Review of medical history (Western & Eastern)
tongue & pulse diagnosis/physical exam
acupuncture treatment
recommendations & plan of care review
Initial session $120
Returning Session $75

*Laser Phototherapy
Multi Radiance Medical® 

Low Level Laser Therapy  elicits healing on a cellular (mitochondria) level.

May be used with specialty lenses  in place of or in conjunction with needles
An additional way of moving Qi which may shorten your overall treatment need and lengthen the time
 between treatments

Initial session $135
Returning session $95

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, similar to cupping is a more superficial technique, it aims to bring the 'sha' to the surface of the body

Working via  friction, oil is applied to area & gently scraped (never breaking the skin) with a smooth tool like a spoon, piece of jade, or stone
Gua Sha is used to treat pain, remove toxins, improve circulation & move stuck qi
Typically used as an adjunct to acupuncture & massage this technique is also a treatment on its own

Ala Carte 15 minute session $30
 adjunct to service $10



Cupping is similar to gua sha but engages deeper fascia & releasing 'sha'

Working via suction created in a glass cup, different techniques may be used: stationary, myofacial trigger point release, sliding  or flash cupping
Cupping is used to treat pain, remove toxins, improve circulation & move stuck qi
Typically used as an adjunct to acupuncture & massage this technique is also a treatment on its own

Ala Carte 15 minute session $30
adjunct to service $10


Moxibustion uses a dried medicinal herb & heat to warm or move qi of specific points or areas of the body

 Aides recovery from pain, ailments & disease via stimulation, circulation or balancing flow of qi
Several techniques are used depending on surface area treated
Typically an adjunct to acupuncture,  this technique is a  treatment on its own with constant monitoring by your practitioner

Ala Carte 30 minute session $45
adjunct to service $10


Acu-stimulation or Estim during an acupuncture treatment is a step above placing patches on the skin surface for pain relief

A device that generates electric pulses is attached to the needles by small clips, the frequency and intensity of the impulse being delivered via set programs & monitored by your practitioner
This technique allows several pairs of needles to be stimulated simultaneously; a popular & effective clinical application for pain, neuropathy & neurological ailments

 Essential Oils

Snow Lotus® singles & blends offered at BHO are unadulterated artisan oils.

 An experience with oils differently than you have had before, the essence of the oils are paired to acupuncture points in specific sequences to elicit a  nuanced  energetic reaction

 Typically an adjunct to increase the benefit of acupuncture or massage this technique on its own makes you feel open, lifted & balanced-emotionally, spiritually & physically . 

Essential oil Acupoint Therapy 15 minute session $30
Essential oil  ala carte Spinal session $30
Essential oil & Auricular session $50

Kinesio® Taping

Kinesiology  is the study of human movement & addresses physiological, mechanical and space mechanisms returning to homeostasis

This taping technique mimics the superficial layer of the skin, designed to stretch & move muscle by inhibition or facilitation: decreases swelling & inflammation, increases circulation & lymphatic flow

Single taping post treatment $15
Ala Carte 15 minute session $30
additional muscle groups $15

 Herbs & Supplements

A range of single supplements, teas, salves, patches, oils & herbal formulas available for balance & pain relief. Integrative therapies for the integrative plan of care

Consultations: Nutrition

BHO emphasizes the importance of achieving balance in the body through dietary planning. Food is considered vital for moving, building, supporting, heating & cooling your body, blood & qi

This consult is included with the first acupuncture service & recommendations for seasonal foods are a continuation of care

Nutritional Consult only 30 minutes $45

Consultations: telehealth

Functional Medicine & Traditional Eastern Medicine consults coming soon

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Your Practitioner

Stephanie Best 


Stephanie M. Best MS RN CPHPCA Dipl..Ac. is a Board Certified acupuncturist through NCCAOM® with 25+ years experience in cardiovascular and critical care. Her graduate education/clinical training at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine included a TCM internship at Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou, China. Her understanding of both Eastern & Western medicine has created an environment of holistic & integrative healing since BHO was founded in 2011. As continuing education is an important part of growth & implementing effective care, Stephanie is dedicated to incorporating new skills & techniques to increase the effectiveness of traditional treatments, nutritional advise, supplemental resources; Stephanie encourages self care, promotes interactive care planning & isn't afraid to refer to other energy practices so that your wellness journey is as complete as it can be

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